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  • 731 Scona Students compete on our sports teams
  • 1507 Lords walk through our hallways each day
  • 45 Track & Field City Championships
  • 3 Scona teams you're guaranteed to make
  • 196 City Championships in 58 Years

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Welcome Week 2014 Scona Football Nose Bowl Champions Welcome Week 2014 - Musical Chairs Welcome Week 2014 - Musical Chairs Track & Field City Champions 2014 Live, Love, Lend Campaign

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Skylar Brown Hi, where can I find an application to attend Strathcona High in 2013 (I live in New Zealand)?


Hai Myname Psh. Life is fun

hnegrajkg What's on your mind about Strathcona High?

tvmlds What's on your mind about Strathcona High?

Stefan spasojevic 4 days left....come on hurry up!

Julia I'm so excited to go here! It's gonna be the best 3 years of my life !

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March 7th 7-9 pm


What is the biggest influence when deciding on your high school?

  •   Friends
  •   Athletics
  •   Arts
  •   Academics
  •   Parents

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