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Skylar Brown Hi, where can I find an application to attend Strathcona High in 2013 (I live in New Zealand)?


Hai Myname Psh. Life is fun

hnegrajkg What's on your mind about Strathcona High?

tvmlds What's on your mind about Strathcona High?

Stefan spasojevic 4 days left....come on hurry up!

Julia I'm so excited to go here! It's gonna be the best 3 years of my life !

mhovebfv What's on your mind about Strathcona High?

Anwar Abdi Can't Wait for Track to Start gonna defeated my 4000 Championship from Gr 10

Jack Stout when do we pick lockers

zoiberg What's on your mind about Strathcona High?

rebecca Hi I just got this checklist from scona. There is a part that says textbook charges $75.does that mean only one textbook is $75 or all? Thanks.

rebecca Hi I just got this checklist from scona. There is a part that says textbook charges $75.does that mean only one textbook is $75 or all Thanks

Heather :) Hello there

Corey Tran Had the sickest bicycle kick during soccer practice for the scona senior outdoor team #toosiick

Corey T Uhh Im really liking scona!! Everyone here is sooo great !!!!!!! And I cant wait for all the new g10s!

Carter B Best school. i love it more then my band. im legit not even kidding.

Jay L. This school seems incredible! My freinds Richard B. and Steven C. went to this school and said it was great! yeeee buddi! So stoked! 116 days! Countin down tha days!

Alexander S. Best decision of my life. Walla bro so swag!

Andreas P. Mm i live this highschool because theres a lot to do and my friends are soOoooOOooOoooOoo amazing

Trey I cant wait to go to this scool its so raddically halcious!!!!

Scona Lord @rebecca & Merina You made an AWESOME choice!! You'll find everyone is pretty friendly here and we've got tons of great clubs.

rebecca i will be coming to scona next year, don't kow what to expect but i guess i made the right choice. Can't wait to meet people:)

Merina I decided on this highschool next year :) Hope i made the right choice. Considering alll the wonderful things said about it I think i'll love it here!

Scona Lord P.S. The choral department got a new Grand Piano! It's a GREAT addition to the department

Mitchell Van Straten Scona is great! Take Technical Theatre, backstage crew for school events is great! No Experience Nessasary!

Romeo Mfumu Emanuel Scona is a great school , students like to get involved which is always cool to see

Paul Kostiw Hi this is Paul Kostiw saying have a really great day! I know I will!

Tempo Sabatier Finding your place in your Edmonton community.

K. Reierson What makes us mature? Is it age? Experience? Check out what Scona student blogger, TJ writes on the issue in the latest post Questioning Maturity at

K. Reierson Check out student blogger, Josh's new post School is like Reality TV at

Simone Cusack @Sofia Vizhul You can contact the coach at the cheer e-mail. They can answer any questions you might have.

Kendra Thompson Make sure you come check out Open House on March 6th! They'll be tons of students to meet, and you'll be able to find out about classes, clubs and anything else you want to know. You can also see performances by our arts programs before touring the school!

Sofia Vizhul Thinking about joining cheerleading next year...If anyone has any suggestions or tips that would help me, I would really appreciate them.

Ryan Scona's the bomb diggity! Amazing arts and athletics, incredible events, and such fun people! It's such a great place to be!

Joel Scona is the best school in Edmonton. Seriously! Unreal arts, academics and athletics.

Andrea Lucy So glad that I chose Scona! There's always a lot happening in the school.

Steven Lin The AP Program is fantastic, so is the fitness center!

Jenny Wang I love Scona, it is such a great environment! I've met such great people, and had a great time. You should all give Scona a try!

Jordan Podealuk I love Scona! It is such a fantastic school, with so much to offer! Coming here was the best decision I could have made. You guys should all come to Scona too! :)

Nicole Hammond I was debating between Lillian Osborne, Ainlay, and Scona and I definitely made the right choice.There's always something to do at Scona, whether that be getting involved in sports, drama, leadership, or one of the many clubs around there is always something for you. It's a big school and there will

Helen Cashman Strathcona is an awesome environment and literally the best high school in the city! I'm so glad I came here and all you grade 9's should too :)

StrathconaLibrary What do YOU love about Scona?

Julia heyy, im looking at strathcona for high school, is it good???

Betty Yin Good luck to all new grade 10s! Come to scona!

Justin Baldock It was a great high school. Having graduated several years ago I am able to visit the school and the website and see that our traditions are still going strong. Keep it up Lords!

Darth Alpha Great to see the legacy remained. Something you all might think about for your future: Take Honours Math in Post Secondary.

Michelle Hi

Payton Lundquist OMG I LOVE SOCCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!